NBN Launches in Mainland Australia

NBN Launches in Mainland Australia
The NBN (National Broadband Network) finally launched on Mainland Australia today, moving one step closer to the NBN hitting all Australian homes by launching first in Armidale, New South Wales. The rollout officially began in August last year, which worries us that it took that long to be fully activated for a small area, but we expect now that the NBN has finally hit the mainland (The NBN was first launched in Tasmania) that the process will be much faster from now on. The NBN is basically a super fast internet connection for homes and residents that is being rolled out by the goverment, where there are potential speeds of 100mb/s downloads, and 40mb/s uploads, driving Australia into the future.
The NBN was rolled out to roughly 4,882 residents (including The University of New England), although not all homes will have access to the NBN yet. The lucky folks in Armidale will now be able to do all they want with super fast speeds available outside of Australia, and hopefully the rest of us get it within the next 2 years, although certain factors may (and probably will delay that). For now we can only hope to get those theoretical speeds.

Source: Gizmodo

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