Motorola Xoom now on Sale in Australia

Motorola Xoom now on Sale in Australia

As was expected, the Motorola Xoom has finally been launched in Australia, officially! I just got an email from Telstra letting us know that the Xoom will go on sale today, the 24th of May. It is of course, the first Android Honeycomb (OS) system to hit our shores through a carrier, and we actually did a quick look at it last month which you can see here.

So it seems the Xoom won’t come preloaded with Android 3.1, but hopefully an update is just around the corner (and it won’t be set by Telstra as to when it will be release, because we all know how “fast” they are with updates).

Telstra also gave the pricing in the email and it’s not bad at all. You have the option to get it on a 24 month contract, with monthly payments of $29, $49, and $79. The $29 plan includes 1GB data per month which should be enough for your monthly Xoom usage unless you plan to download heavily on the move. If that’s the case, the $49 includes a whopping 7GB of data per month, while the $79 plan includes 12GB of data per month. Not a bad deal at all if we don’t say so ourselves. Of course, you can also purchase the Honeycomb packing tablet for a decent $840, which we think is still a little too high, but since the similar 32GB 3G, Apple iPad 2 costs $839, they might be competing on a 1 to 1 basis.

Still we think if they want to beat the iPad 2 in Australia, they should have a lower price point. $800 would have been a sweet spot, but either way you can pick one up now by heading to the Telstra Xoom Site.

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