‘Mango’ Also brings feature’s for Business Users and more

‘Mango’ Also brings feature’s for Business Users and more

Straight off the heels of yesterday’s Mango feature’s, today bring more updates for the next Windows Phone 7 update – Mango. This article looks at all the business feature’s coming to Mango, since Microsoft is also aiming the Windows Phone series at business users. With the flurry of Windows Phone Mango features being released these past few weeks, we’re almost considering dedicating a section to Mango by itself!

Either way have a look at the following:

Improved Email System

  • Pinnable email folders: The ability to have ‘pinnable’ email folders (The ability to place an email folder on the home page of your Windows Phone). Obviously this will feature live tiles that will update once you get an email from the folder you have chosen, meaning you don’t have to receive all new emails at once.
  • Conversation view in email: Easily see the conversation in a threaded view in your email (as opposed to the current method where they are all in one email and that could potentially involve a lot of scrolling to find the thing you want).
  • Server search: The ability to search older emails on your email server (like gmail), since Windows Phone devices only store the latest emails. This is a feature I have been asking for since day 1 so I’m happy with it.

Other Business Features:


  • Lync: A program that allows you to stay in touch with co-workers, and it gives you access to company specific services as well. Feature’s include instant messaging and the feature to see the presence of your co-worker. The app will be available for free from the Windows Marketplace.
  • Complex password: The ability to type in more complicated passwords (including alphanumeric passwords).
  • Information Rights Management: Basically a way of saying better security for protecting documents.
  • Support for Hidden SSID: This will obviously be very useful to a lot of people, including University Students who cannot detect (or connect) to Uni networks right now. This will obviously change that soon enough.

The video below will show you some of the feature’s in motion.

As for the other feature:

Expect 2 other feature’s you are sure to happy about Windows Phone finally getting.

  • The first is the obvious and certainly most annoying Camera Shutter Sound. We’ve been asking for a fix for this since day one, since currently taking photo’s with ANY Windows Phone 7 device results in a loud click sound (so no Ninja Shots for you!). It would have been nice to have this from day once since it’s not easy to get rid off now, but we’ll be glad to take this with Mango.
  • The Second is Smart DJ Mix, the same feature you get on your Zune Media Player but on your phone! Microsoft say: “”If you have a Zune Pass, you’ll hear a mix of music from your collection and from the Zune catalog if you’re near a known wireless network. Otherwise, if you don’t have a Zune Pass or if you aren’t near a known wireless network, the Smart DJ mix will just include songs from your own music collection.” So basically the equivalent of iTunes Genius, but with the Zune Pass on your Windows Phone 7 device!

More exciting news of course, and as we have said before, plenty more feature’s are expected with Mango (aka Windows Phone 7.5) so far away. Windows Phone just looks more and more appealing. Once again, our obvious attempts to satisfy our ‘Mango’ cravings yesterday were not enough since we came across this information. Back to find more Mango’s!

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