LG to Blame for your iPad 2 Backlight Bleeding Problems

LG to Blame for your iPad 2 Backlight Bleeding Problems

So we’ve heard countless people complaining that their iPad 2’s have had the dreaded screen bleed, which we have in fact confirmed in our poll (47% of our voters experienced screen bleeding, and only 24% had a problem free iPad 2) we put up about a month ago on the site. It has actually come to light recently, that it might be LG who are actually responsible for the screen bleed issue. The LCD Panels are actually LG-Produced, and it’s a manufacturing defect (oh really?) that has led to the mass screen-bleed issue that has hit millions around the world.

According to site Digitimes, both LG and Samsung were producing the LCD Panels for the iPad 2, and once the defect was discovered LG were forced to stop production (but not before they made 3.2 million LCD Panels) of the LCD Panels which led to disastrous outcomes like in the picture you see above (obviously that is a mock-up, but you get the idea). LG has reportedly claimed to have fixed this issue, and will now start shipping their fixed panels in the next fiscal quarter. So those of you (all 3.2 million of you) who have experienced the screen bleed issue, rest assured your troubles are soon about to come to an end, so start getting ready to swap in your defective iPad 2’s for brand new iPad 2’s which will not have the screen bleed issue. Thank god.

To learn more about the issue click this link.

Featured Image: Gizmodo
Source: Digitimes

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