How to download music with Zune Pass on your Windows Phone

How to download music with Zune Pass on your Windows Phone

Note: This Guide requires you to already have purchased the Zune Pass ($14.95/month) and a Windows Phone 7 (We’re currently trying to make a guide on how to get the Zune Pass from Countries that do no have that option).

So I know quite a few people have been annoyed that they can’t use their Zune Pass Subscription to download song’s on their Windows Phone’s, so I thought I would make a quick guide on how to do that. It’s actually quite simple, and it’s more of a slightly ‘hidden’ feature which Microsoft have put in. The option has always been there on your phone, and some of you might have figured it out but for the other’s here’s a step by step guide on how to exactly use your Zune Pass to download music on your songs.

Step 1:

So the obvious first step is to tap on the ‘Marketplace’ icon on either your home screen or in the Applications section.

Step 2:

Once in the Marketplace, simply head down to the Music section by tapping on the word music.

Step 3:

Step 3 involves you having to actually find a song you want to download. In my case, I found Flo Rida’s latest song – Turn Around (Part 2) in the featured section and decided to download this one. Now if you tap on the song, the only option you will get is the option to pay for it (if Music is available to the Marketplace in your region), or if you already have the Zune Pass, then it will ask you to use your credit points (the 10 free songs you get). However the trick here, is to long tap the song title. Simply press down and hold the song/album of your choice for 3 seconds or until the menu icon pops up (see step 4 pic).

Step 4:

See that menu? Yea you won’t see that normally, only if you follow Step 3. Basically it’s a ‘hidden’ feature by Microsoft which they didn’t really tell anyone about it, but they kept the ability to use the Zune Pass (probably setting it up for Smart DJ). Well played Microsoft, but we found a way around after all. Funny how something so simple has been missed by so many people. Either way, to download the song, tap on ‘download’ to start downloading, and no – this method will not take away the 10 song credits you get per month.

Step 5:

Obviously once you have tapped on the download option in Step 4, you’ll be (if you have followed the steps correctly) presented with this screen, where the phone will automatically start downloading the song after that. This works on both wi-fi and 3G (or 4G if you are one of those lucky users).

Step 6:

And the final step? Just click on the play icon and enjoy your Zune Pass Acquired music, and go wild! Just remember that all the songs you have downloaded will be lost to you forever should you let your Zune Pass run out, or decide not to renew the subscription (minus the 10 songs per month you can keep of course). So with that in mind, have a test on your phone and let us know in the comments below if you have and questions or problems. You’re Welcome.

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