Find out when the PSN is back up!

Find out when the PSN is back up!

We know you Playstation 3 users out there are keen to get all your PSN accounts (all 77 million of them) back online, and we’re just as keen here at Techin5. But the tedious task of turning the PS3 on, trying to sign in, getting an error code, then throwing the controller away in disgust doesn’t cut it for us. That’s why in our main page, we’ve actually setup a widget on our home page (and other pages) where you can see if the Playstation Network is still down, or finally running again.

As you can currently see, the Network is Down, and once the Network is back up, the widget will actually show you that’s is back up and running. So bookmark Techin5, and keep checking back to see if it’s back. You’re welcome.

And thanks to XtremePS3 for creating the Widget

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  • Mario Duran

    So… is the widget in realtime or do we have to continue refreshing the page?

  • techin5

    It should be real time. Either way.. guaranteed it’s not up now.
    EDIT: Confirmed, the widget is in real time.