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(Updated) Even more ‘Mango’ Windows Phone 7 features revealed

(Updated) Even more ‘Mango’ Windows Phone 7 features revealed

Rounding up the article we wrote a week ago, Mango for Windows Phone 7 continues to impress with it’s range of feature’s coming soon. ‘Mango’ is of course the codename for the next Windows Phone update, which is expected before the end of the year. By the time Mango rolls up, we may be calling  it Windows Phone 7.5 rather than Windows Phone 7.

Let’s have a look at a few more features:

Integrated MSN Messaging


The new Mango update is widely expected to feature an inbuilt messenger service within the Operating System (OS). This would be Microsoft equivalent of BlackBerry’s BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), but how it will work is rather unclear. One hopes that it will be up to par with the BBM service, as most people around the world still use Windows Live (MSN) Messenger, and intergrating Skype into this would only make it better, since Microsoft now own Skype. The other feature will also be an inbuilt Facebook Chat client, which would be fantastic since Windows Phone 7’s Facebook app is missing a designated Facebook Chat Service.

Office 365

Office Hub

The new update also brings Skydrive and Office 365. Skydrive is of course, Microsoft’s online storage database where people can store files, music, picture’s straight from your computer, and it can then be accessed anywhere, while Office 365 is like a new Cloud Service that brings together Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync for organizations of all sizes, and probably for consumers as well now.

SkyDrive Support

SkyDrive Support

The only thing missing from Microsoft Office for Windows Phone was Skydrive, the ability to upload documents to Skydrive to you can access them from anywhere. The Mango update will obviously change that.

Updated Games Hub

Games HubGames Settings

Expect to see an updated Games Hub as well, which would be great since the current one feels just a tad bit crammed. This also means that there is going to be potentially MORE Xbox live integration between your Xbox 360 and your Windows Phone. Of course, what that entails we aren’t quite sure of yet, but we never say no to extra features! Also what we see is an Automatic Sync option which has our curiosity meter sky high right now. We’ll obviously give more details when we get it on that.

Easy Group Messages

Group Contacts

Also in tow is what we like to call the ‘Easy Group Messages’ where you can actually create a group, add your contacts to them and be able to easily SMS them all (or Email) with one click, as opposed to the age old way of adding contacts one by one. That way if you have any important messages to share with a group of friends like “ZOMG Justin Beiber and Selena Gomes Broke Upz”, then you can do it in almost no time at all. You can also pin groups to your home page.

Updated Lock Screen

Artist on Lock Screen

And the last (but not least – Mango isn’t anywhere NEAR release so expect plenty more features) feature we know about is the new updated Lock Screen options, where you can actually display Now Playing Artist Art on the Lock Screen. If you weren’t aware, Zune allows Artist picture’s to display in the background of a song, sprucing up an otherwise usual boring screen. Now, you can have the current artist as your lock screen background, so in affect the picture on your lock screen will change when the song does.

Phew, we’re getting so excited for the Mango update! We’re actually starting to count down the days till the end of the year, and hopefully Microsoft will reveal the exact date Mango is expected to be released. Until then, we’re going to go eat some Mangoes to satisfy us for the time being.

Update May 19:

With more feature’s being leaked all the time, this one has a few more updates that come with Mango.

Linked Inbox is a feature that obviously quite a few people will find useful, especially those who currently like it on BlackBerry’s. The Linked feature allows you to have all your new mail appear in one ‘live time’ folder, which should save time checking the 4 different email accounts I currently have on my WP7 device. Not only that, but it will mean I only need 1 live tile box instead of 4 cluttering my home screen.

The second update is a minor one, where it seems the People Hub has a different method of showing off faces. Rather than showing small images randomly of your friends, it will actually show what can only be described as face morphing. It seems images will now merge with other images, which would be good if it didn’t look so strange, and this might be the only Mango update we’ve come across that we’re hesitant about.

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