Apple refreshes its iMac line

Apple refreshes its iMac line

After learning that the Apple Store was down today, we were greeted with brand new Apple iMac’s once the store resumed business as usual, and they come with some nice upgrades! Thunderbolt and Next Generation processors are some of the bigger features the 2011 iMac line gets. Thunderbolt is of course the new Intel innovation which allows users to connect devices to the computer, with extremely fast transfer speeds (up to 10gb/s). You could say it’s the ‘updated’ version of the failed firewire cable which never really became popular. The iMac’s not only come with the new Sandy Bridge Processors (a codename for the CPU – Central Processing Unit), but with some of the latest Video Cards available on the market.

US prices start at $1,199, which bags you a 21.5inch model (with High Def screen quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels – 1080p resolution), with the new 2.5Ghz (Giga hertz) Intel Core i5 (this refers to the processor range) processors, 512mega bytes of the AMD HD 6750M video card (graphics card).

$1,999 for the 27inch model (with an extreme 2560 x 1440 Resolution – 1440p resolution), a faster 3.1Ghz Intel i5 processor (quad core) and 1GB of AMD HD 6970M video card. You can of course for an extra price take the optional 3.4GHz quad-core Core i7 processor and 2GB of HD 6970M which is easily faster.

Apart from that, both models will of course get FaceTime HD Camera (FaceTime is Apple’s version of skype, but for Apple products only). The price’s aren’t actually too bad for what you get, and of course you also get Apple quality with each purchase, but should you decide to pick one of these up, make sure they suit your needs and you don’t get the most powerful model because you can.

Source: Engadget

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