9 new Windows Phone Handsets to be revealed May 24th?

9 new Windows Phone Handsets to be revealed May 24th?

Chalk this one up to the Rumor Mill, but we feel that this makes sense for Microsoft to reveal 9 new handsets on May 24th, which is the day they’re officially holding their Windows Phone Mango Event. For those who aren’t aware, Mango is the codename of the next Windows Phone update which is expected before the end of the year, and plenty of feature’s are expected to be in Mango which you can see here and here. Apart from all the fancy and cool feature’s we can expect with our next update on WP7, the rumor mill is abuzz with word that 9 new handsets might be announced at the same time!

Apparently we are to expect 2 phones from HTC (including a possible one with a 16MP camera in it), two from Acer, One from Dell, and rounding up with Samsung who are bringing a possible 4 new devices to the table (which is great since their only device the first time – The Samsung Omnia 7 was actually one of the best WP7 models thanks to its Super AMOLED Screen).

Unfortunately word is that just because they will be announced in a few day, doesn’t mean they will be released soon. Quite the opposite in fact, with the mills saying those 9 devices will actually be released closer to the end of the year with the holiday season and Mango update supposedly colliding. The reason for announcing them might have something to do with the fact that Carriers have a terrible habit of not being able to keep a secret when they receive phones for testing so maybe Microsoft is trying to get it out of the way quick and build the anticipation beforehand.

The worst part of this might be that there are no Nokia Phones expected to be released so we may not in fact see one till early 2012, which is a bummer, but we know Nokia build high quality phones so better they keep their usual phone quality standards than release a half finished/half baked mobile device that won’t impress anyone. After all, quite a bit is riding on Nokia building Windows Phone devices!

Source: WMPU

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