White iPhone 4 lands in UK

White iPhone 4 lands in UK

Oh yes indeed, the picture you are looking at here is the fabled ‘White’ iPhone 4 which was sent to Tech Blog Engadget yesterday. The picture is actually from an actual Vodafone Shop in the UK, so you know it’s definitely legit this time. Aren’t you glad you held off buying an iPhone 4 till now?

Turns out a Customer bought this phone in UK, and put it through as a ‘Black’ iPhone 4 so the sale would go through, and as soon as that happened, all Vodafone Shops were told to ‘Halt’ White iPhone 4 sales immediately, until next week, which gives us a rough idea of when these bad boys will be on sale. So if you are one of those rare people who haven’t got an iPhone 4 but have wanted one then this is your chance to snag one in the next few weeks to months (unless you’re of course looking to the iPhone 5 which in case you could be waiting till at least October).

Update: 9 to 5 Mac suggests that it’ll be landing on April 27th, at least in the Netherlands.

Featured Image: Mobile Phone News
Source: Engadget

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