Weather Proof your Apple Gadgets with LifeProof

Weather Proof your Apple Gadgets with LifeProof

If you’ve always been looking for a case which will weatherproof your iPhone or iPad, without the added bulk of a heavy case, or at least a weatherproof case which you could actually use your iPhone with, then look no further than LifeProof. LifeProof cases do not only protect your iPhone and iPad from water, dirt, and snow, but also acts as a shock absorber to avoid any damage to your Apple product. It’s been built to Military Standards, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

The Case itself is fairly slim as it adds only 1.55mm to the depth of your iPhone, and it weights practically nothing. You can take the iPhone up to a depth of 2 meters underwater, and the case can also take damage from heights up to 2 meters without damaging your phone. Despite it being water resistant, and totally usable in the pool, we still don’t think you should be on Facebook while you shower, there has to be a limit somewhere!

Now this product still hasn’t been officially launched, but you can pre-order them, or get notified the moment they release any new information. The iPad (we think iPad 1 for now) and the iPhone 3G/3GS pricing has not been announced, but the iPhone 4 case will cost you $USD69.95 from their website, which is quite a decent price if you want your precious iPhone 4 to stay well protected while looking good. Interested? Head on down to the the Source link below to sign up for your notification today!

Source: LifeProof

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