Tiffany and Co App is a girls best App

Tiffany and Co App is a girls best App

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‘Tiffany and Co’… the one name that makes women squeal like little girls , and make the men groan at the thought of how much anything from Tiffany and Co costs. While this App has been around since mid last year, we were only made aware of this recently. Introducing the Tiffany and Co App for Apple devices – an App made by Tiffany and Co to help women find their perfect engagement ring, and men weep bitterly at the thought (and cost) of buying their finance’s perfect ring.

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It’s a very simple application at heart. It displays an assorted 40 engagement rings Tiffany and Co have to offer. You can find out information about the ring based on the Diamond, Cut, Carrots, and metal. It also comes with a size selector, so the ring can go straight onto your finger as opposed to having it resized after you’ve put your house’s mortgage on it. On top of that, the App allows you to make an appointment with Tiffany and Co in store, or set up a call with an official Tiffany and Co consultant to talk about the perfect ring you have spent countless hours choosing. We only feel sorry for the men who will have to deal with the aftermath of this App, but for the Ladies, this app is perfect in every way. It’s free from the iTunes Store (which will be the only free thing you’ll ever get out of Tiffany and Co), so to download it, just head on down to the source link!

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