The World of Tomorrow is Amazing!

The World of Tomorrow is Amazing!

We came upon these few videos on YouTube while we were ‘researching’ technology, and we think if this is what the future looks like, then we want to be frozen in time (ala Futurama) till we can get our hands on those spectacular gadgets. And by spectacular we mean mind blowingly spectacular. What we can say is that the future is looking extremely interactive.

Video 1:

Now this video was made by TAT Mobile, a Swedish company that created this Open Innovation video in order to show the future of screen technology. Some of the innovations include stretchy screens, transparent screen, e-ink displays, and technology beyond our time. Most of the technology shown in this video should be available within 5 to 10 years, with the exception of that stretchy screen… now that is cool. Expect closer to 20 years for that. Enjoy this one, and tell us what you think.


Video 2:

Now this second video was made by Corning Incorporated, who specialize in glass and ceramics. They make key components for high-technology systems in consumer electronics. What they’ve done here, is take the technology which you’ll find in the first video, and advanced it even more! Since Corning does specialize in glassware, this video is focused all around Glass and how it interacts with you, all the way from bus stands to kitchen counter tops. Corning’s dream is that wherever you can fit glass, you can incorporate touch screen technology into it. While the technology featured in this video is amazing, we’re just counting down the time till someone throws a rock at that bus stop. Click on the video to watch, and enjoy.


Featured Image: Yorksj Blog

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