The Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System

The Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System

Building a Home Theater Room? Got $13,000 to spend, but don’t know where to go? Well let us point you in the right direction here, and towards The Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System, where we promise you your $13,000 could not have been spent any better.

That’s right, with this Klipsh Home Theater system you’ll finally be able to be the envy of all your neighbors and friends, and with the amount of power and quality you’re getting, we can’t say we blame them. Whatyou get for your $13,000 is a wide assortment of speakers that include three KL-650-THX LCRs, two KL-525-THX LCRs, two KS-525-THX surrounds, two KW-120-THX subwoofers, and a dedicated KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier, and the best part is they all feature Klipsch’s latest high tech goodies like Klipsch Tractrix Horn tweeters and Cerametallic woofers, which when translated into english means you get 7 fully decked out speakers, 1 subwoofer, and one subwooder amplifier which look good, sound even better, and are built with amazing quality. The complete package you might even say.

Frankly, when you have speakers this good, you don’t even need to add the other essentials – Screen, Projector and receiver, because looking and listening to these sexy speakers is good enough. For you more tech minded people, here is a closer breakdown on the power of each speaker:

KL-650-THX – 600 watt max
KL-650 (2)
KL-525-THX – 400 watt max
KS-525-THX – 400 watt max
KW-120-THX – 1000 watt max
KA-1000-THX – 1000 watt max

This translates to roughly more power in each speaker than you’ll find in a standard car. And thanks to Klipsch using their latest technology to build these bad boys, you’ll be sure that they will sound every bit the $13,000 you spent on them. Do note these amazing speakers will not be available in every country, so head on down to the source link to find out if its available in your country. I know that we’re in the process of building a new house, and our designated Home Theater Room would have found these bad boys perfect.. you know if it wasn’t $13,000, but dare to dream right?

Source: Klipsch
via: Uncrate

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