Sony PlayStation Move Review

Sony PlayStation Move Review


The Sony Playstation (PS) Move is a revolutionary peripheral from Sony for the Playstation 3. What it is basically, is a motion sensing controller (not unlike the Nintendo Wii controller) which uses the Playstation Eye (the camera) to detect movements based on your movements, which are then translated into gameplay. The Controller is also known as ‘The wand’ as it looks like one, featuring a ball on top of the controller which glows a different colors depending on the game being played. It was launched in September last year, but since we’ve only got our hands on it recently, we thought it was time for a review. This review will focus more on the items of the PlayStation Move Starter Pack which comes with the Playstation Eye and Playstation Move Controller. We also will review the Playstation Navigation controller which complements the PS Move Pack. (We appologise for the background around the items, we were out of office).


The Playstation Eye, which is the Camera which detects the PS move controller has actually been around since 2007,but has had relatively few uses until the PS Move was released. The Camera is actually a nice small package which incorporates a single lens and microphone (not speaker). It feels relatively sturdy and while it isn’t too flashy, it definitely gets the job done. The build quality feels solid, and I didn’t feel like it was about to fall apart in my hand either. That is probably because the camera hasn’t been built cheaply, so in that regard it does well. In our opinion, we think it looks good and doesn’t detract from the screen while doing it’s job, which is to detect the PS Move Controller. We do wish however that we cold tilt the PS Eye up or down, but since it’s not detecting your body, but rather the PS Move it’s not too big an issue.

The Playstation Move looks good, although the glowing ball at the top does look a little comical at times. The PS Move does feel good in your hands, although not as solid as the Playstation Dual Shock Controller. It’s surprisingly light, but not so light that it’ll go flying out of your hands. The buttons are placed quite well, and apart from the ‘Select’ and ‘Start’ buttons which are situated at the sides, the buttons are easily accessible by your thumb in game. We were not great fans of how the buttons felt though, they were small which was fine, but we felt that over time that after constant button mashing they might come off, and we did wish the click on the buttons felt more solid. The PS Move button and ‘T’ button (located on the bottom) were good though.

The Final accessory here is the Playstation Move Navigation Controller, which is something you have to purchase on top of the Navigation kit. This feels quite a bit more solid than the PS Move, and the ‘X’ and ‘O’ buttons felt better to press as well. We were not fans of the ‘D-Pad’ (the 4 direction arrows) as they didn’t feel as nice nor did they feel like the rest of the controller. The Analog stick, as well as the L1 and L2 (located on the bottom) felt really nice however.

Ease of Use

It’s a fairly easy setup to use, as most games require you to calibrate the PS Move once, and you’re on your way. After having been used to Playstation Controllers for nearly a decade, I can safely say that getting used to the move took just a little bit of time as I kept forgetting I had to Move the ‘Wand’ to match the screen, but after about 30 mins I had mastered the move and the secondary Analog Stick. Those of you who are ‘expert’ gamers should have relatively the same gaming curb as me, but those of you who are picking up the Playstation for the first time might have a slower learning curve, as the buttons aren’t quite the same as a normal gaming controller. It doesn’t feel as natural, but I think with time I can definitely get used to using the PS Move as if it were the controller.

But at the end of the day, it isn’t the hardest process in the world to learn and within no time most people should be enjoying using the PS move as opposed to the generic controller. I know once used to it I knocked 5 hours with it out of the way in no time.

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  • Luke Psaila

    that glowing bulb is indescribably ugly!

  • Techin5

    Not the prettiest in the world, but looks cool when you turn the lights down. It’s actually feels like a big squash ball