Review – Sony NEX 5

Review – Sony NEX 5

ValueNow value is a tricky one as the Nex 5 comes in 3 packages. The first is the Nex 5 with the 16mm (no zoom, but very wide angle) lens kit, which is $999 according to the Sony Australia store. The second is the Nex 5 with 18-55mm lens (3x zoom) which costs $1,149 (and they also throw in the 16mm lens), and the final and rarest is the kit I reviewed, with the 18-200mm lens (11x zoom), costs $1,649 and comes with just the ultra zoom 11x lens. In terms of zoom, most people do not need to 18-200mm lens as they will not want to add weight to their camera nor need that high zoom when they can get it in a Digital Camera, so I would say that is the least valuable kit.

The best kit here I would recommend is the Nex 5 kit with the 18-55mm lens because you also get the 16mm lens thrown in, which means you get 2 lenses for $50 more. But overall, the pricing is a little high, but do note that you can get every camera here for cheaper at Camera Retailers depending on where you live. I got mine for nearly $200 cheaper just by asking around, but for the quality you get and the amount you pay it’s not bad but the pricing could have been a little cheaper in my opinion, and either way you can always get the 18-200mm lens for about $700 online, the choice is up to you.

The Good?

Small form factor, Very good image quality, Very nice and Solid Build, High Video Recording Mode, Quick Zoom Autofocus, Great tilt screen, great screen quality, Can take a picture very quickly, Panorama View is great.

The Bad?

Battery Life is slightly poorer than expected, Poor Reload time between shots, Screw-on-Flash feels cheap and is annoying.

Techin5 Review Score
Well built Camera with high quality materials in a small form factor
Ease of
Fairly easy learning curve, menu's are simple for anyone to use
Fairly loaded with features useful for buys of this camera, but not the most extensive features
Not the best performer in some areas with slow shoot-to-shoot times, but otherwise decent
Quite a high price, which might not be worth the price you are paying
An impressive little package which, which is a great little performer with a few niggles that bring the score down. Overall its a great camera to own, but the price can be off-putting to some. If you want a small and well built camera that takes DSLR quality shots, but isn't a as big as large DSLR's, then this is your perfect companion. I enjoyed this camera and the shots it takes, and I didn’t mind paying for it at the end of the day. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but you won't find a camera this small for the quality you want. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

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