Review – Sony NEX 5

Review – Sony NEX 5

PerformancePerformance was generally quite good from start to finish for the Next 5. All pictures were taken with 14.1¬†megapixel, and ‘Fine’ Image quality, so the pictures you see are as good as they get with the Nex 5. And I would say after all the pictures I took, that the Sony Nex 5 camera quality and performance was good. Images were crisp and the Camera would auto-focus as you adjusted the zoom, and it did it quite quickly for an DSLR. No manual adjusting was ever necessary, so that made my life quicker if I wanted to take a quick snapshot. In terms of battery, you get about 500 shots per charge, or less depending on how many pictures you take. If you’re on the move, you might think about picking up spare batteries.

The Camera startup time was a bit slower than I would have expected, and from the time you turned the Nex 5 ‘on’ till you could take a picture took approximately 2 seconds, sometimes longer depending on how much I had been using it during the day. It also depends on how full your memory card is, and what speeds it is (I opted for the Ultra Sandisk 32GB card, with 15 mb/s speeds). The worst part was how long it took to actually save a picture before you could take another (if you were not on rapid capture mode), with testing times going as high as 4 to 5 seconds between the first picture click and the second time you could take a picture. Which for me was a bit too slow if you ask me. Performance does vary by situation though, as some pictures saved under 2 seconds.

Image Quality was great overall though, and unless you’re a big nitpicker, you’ll enjoy the picture quality outputted by the Nex 5. Have at a few sample pictures I took from Europe and India. Notice the color, and notice the sharpness when some are zoomed in fully. Also do note that none of these pictures have been modified.

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Video quality wasn’t quite as good though, and even though it records in 1080i quality, the camera didn’t adjust very well to videos which were recorded with rapid movement. When I moved the camera quickly from left to right it didn’t quite adjust the video quickly enough, and you could notice some blurring. However if you have a tripod, and the camera is steady it takes beautiful videos. The Camera also takes amazing sound quality, so I don’t think that ‘Mike attachment’ accessory is quite necessary.

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