Review – Sony NEX 5

Review – Sony NEX 5

Keep in mind this review is aimed at Non-expert Camera Users. Users have some  basic knowledge of Cameras, therefore this is a basic review.

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I bought this camera in December 2010, and since then I have used it regularly, accruing a few thousand photos, so I can safely say I’ve had quite a decent time with the Sony NEX to write this review.

The first thing you must understand is the difference between the Sony Nex 3 and Sony Nex 5. They are relatively the same camera’s but with three differences. The first is that the Nex 5 can record videos in full HD (Full High Definition), 1080i resolution (this number refers to the number of pixels, the higher the number of pixels, the higher the quality), while the Nex 3 can only record to a maximum of 720p (which is still High Definition). The second difference is the construction of the cameras. The Sony Nex 5 has a magnesium alloy build, while the Sony Nex 3 has a largely high quality plastic build, and this makes the Nex 5 have a better feel, but adds a slight bit more weight. Do note that as of March 2011, Sony has decided to discontinue making the Sony Nex 3, but the Nex 5 is still available for sale.

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