rome2rio – The Best Map-Enabled Travel Service

rome2rio – The Best Map-Enabled Travel Service

Update: Have a look at some of the new features rome2rio has added – Carbon Calculator Component

There are plenty of sites out there that are great for checking out the cheapest flights available on the market, but what if you’re taking just a train or driving? Then your options are clearly limited in finding the best way to get from Point A to Point B. rome2rio is probably your best solution – a Map-Enabled (based on Google Maps) Travel Service which shows you the best and fastest ways to get from Point A to Point B (in this case 2 cities). rome2rio can help you if you’re using Planes, Ferries, Trains, Buses, or Driving. The best part is that it shows you the different routes you can take to save money, or get there quicker.

In my case, I tried searching Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles, USA on rome2rio. The picture you see above is exactly what popped up, and it automatically detected my suburb I am currently in as well. It then proceeded to give me driving instructions to the Airport, as well as a list of Flight Options that would get me to Los Angeles based on the number of stop overs and total time it would take.

The picture above is basically an expanded view of the different flight options ranging from the 14 hour 20 min mark till the 18 hour mark depending on the flight. The flight prices themselves aren’t too shabby either, with the flights being handled by Kayak, an external travel site. It also gives me alternative flight options via different cities if I wanted to take that route.

Overall I’m quite impressed by this service, as I tested it out on a few different locations I usually travel to, and it found a few routes (or modes of transports) that I wasn’t even aware of till now. Whether I use them or not, thats a different story. rome2rio currently looks at over 670 different airlines worldwide, as provided by Kayak, and since rome2rio is still in beta, it only looks at trains in Europe, China, and India for now. I suggest you all go an have a look at this site, as its actually quite good at what it does. I for one will certainly be using this the next time I want to travel, just to see the options I’ll have at my disposal.

Have a look at their Introduction Video to Understand the rome2rio concept better!


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