Ralph Lauren Backpack charges your devices while looking good

Ralph Lauren Backpack charges your devices while looking good

Solar Panel Backpack - RLX - RalphLauren.com

So Ralph Lauren isn’t the first brand you think of when it comes to technology related goods, heck, it isn’t even in my top 100, but perhaps this might change some views. This is the Ralph Lauren Solar Panel Backpack, a Solar Paneled Backpack (duh) designed to charge your tech devices. It can charge your phone in just under 3 hours via the numerous USB ports provided in the backpack. Obviously being made by one of my favorite fashion labels – Ralph Lauren, you can expect a certain class to go with it. Designed in Italy using cutting edge technology, it’s been made from water-resistant materials and obviously finished off with 4 solar-powered LED Panels.

Available in Black or Orange, the Ralph Lauren Backpack comes with plenty of pockets for all your devices, it looks fashionable, is confortable, and charges on the go. Unfortunately, as with anything Ralph Lauren associated, it also comes with quite a hefty price tag, and this time RL has priced this backpack at $795, which while it isn’t cheap, what else did you expect with the Ralph Lauren name? Either way, if this is something that interests you, head on down to the Source Link and pick one up.

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Source: Ralph Lauren

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