PSPgo is dead, Sony gearing up for PSP NGP

PSPgo is dead, Sony gearing up for PSP NGP

In a move that has shocked no one, Sony has finally officially killed of their 4th version of the popular PSP (Playstation Portable), the PSPgo. Easily regarded as one of their worst selling products, the Sony PSP was smaller, lighter, and featured a smaller screen than normal PSP’s, and rather than use discs which all the other psp’s did, Sony decided that the PSPgo was only able to download games onto its storage. Then on top of that, they added a price point which nearly matched the PS3, and thus was the story of the failed PSPgo.

Obviously this move comes right behind the much much (very MUCH) anticipated release this year or early next year, of the PSP NGP. Sony has stated that they will be continuing to sell their PSPgo until stocks run out, so we suppose there will be ‘plenty’ of price drops coming as Stores all over the world will try to get rid of them desperately. So if you haven’t picked one up yet, and probably won’t pick a NGP up, then keep your eyes peeled for cheap PSPgo’s.

The previous PSP-3000 will still continue to be sold until the NGP is out, and we guess the prices will gradually go down on that model as well, despite it being older (it’s still sells better than the PSPgo). So Sony will continue to support your PSP even if you buy it now, so don’t worry about warranty and updates.

We weren’t the biggest fans of the PSPgo from the start, and since I’ve seen all of 2 people playing it around the world, I wouldn’t think other people were fans of it either. For now, just look forward to massive price drops.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • Ahmed Maxx

    why psp go is good vieo game and the size of the psp go is good than the other psps  i like the go and i have the psp go 

  • Anonymous

    We thought the PSP-3000 offered better value for money than the PSP Go, plus we liked the bigger screen.