Updated: Playstation Network Outage Occurs

Updated: Playstation Network Outage Occurs

An Official Post on the Official Playstation Blog has confirmed my worst fears – The Playstation Network (PSN) is down and out (temporarily of course). While we don’t have much information to go on, as their blog post is rather vague, I know for a fact that my PSN has been a bit moody for the last day or two, where it has either been unable to sign me in, or it signs in and out constantly. The latest status seems to be that the entire PSN is completely down, meaning no Fifa 11 online matches for you folks tonight.

To be fair it’s not that big a deal since I can just swap over to the Xbox 360 tonight, but for those who don’t have that luxury, I feel for you. This isn’t the first time the PSN has gone down either, as there was a period of a few days last year where this occurred. Either way, Sony warns that the PSN might be down for a few more days, meaning your weekends could ultimately be PSN Free (that’s not a bad thing, maybe you should get some sun).

We’ll try and update this when we get more news, but for now this is all the information we have, although rumors are that the PSN network outage may be because of “the possibility of targeted behaviour by an outside party”. Hopefully they clarify this issue soon, although rumors are floating around that Hackers crashed the PSN Network. What a sad day.

Updated 23 April, 2011.

Updated 27 April, 2011

Sony have confirmed that hackers may have indeed got access to your personal details, including usernames, passwords, credit card information, etc.. for more information Please read the details in this link – PSN Blog

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