Piano Forte Series ear buds – Luxury always has a price

Piano Forte Series ear buds – Luxury always has a price

Final Audio Design, a Japanese based company not known for their low prices, have outed what might be one of the most expensive (non diamond encrusted) ear buds (or in-ear headphones) ever produced for the common man. The Piano Forte Series ear buds not only are a mouthful of words to say for a pair of ear buds, but they also cost the same price as you would associate with a laptop. Their brand name is well known in Japan, but not quite as much outside.

Their lowest model, the VIII model starts off at a modest $940, and their most expensive model – the X-CC model costs a whopping $2,650! I know people who have bought cars (admittedly rubbish) for less. You do have 4 different models to choose from each with a different color and slightly different build quality, but that’s not saying much as you’ll be spending more on a pair of ear buds than on an iPad 2!

Now admittedly, their ear buds are supposed to sound terrific from what I’ve read up on it, I still can’t justify spending that much on headphones of any kind, unless of course you want amazing sound quality and price is not an issue (and we’d never turn these down if they were presented to us as a gift). As I have said before though, Fashion and Luxury are two things that are never associated with the word ‘cheap’ and the Piano Forte Series ear buds are no exception. They look great, sounds great, and the cost is pretty great too, which the gold plating might have something to do with.

Have a look at the pictures below and judge for yourself whether they justify the price tag or not. They go on sale in Japan sometime in the next month, and if you happen to be passing through the region, do try to check out how they sound and let us know. That or just buy a pair and let us know.

Thanks Angelika for sending this in!

Source: Trendhunter and Final Audio Design

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