New (Un)Official Windows Phone 7 Advertisement

New (Un)Official Windows Phone 7 Advertisement

Let’s all admit it, the official Microsoft Windows Phone 7 ad’s were pretty.. boring. iPhone ads put them to shame, and this is coming from a guy who likes Windows Phones. So here’s an ad, I thought worth taking up an article space, an unofficial Ad from a man called Brandon Foy, who is a huge fan of the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. His first Ad was so good, that Microsoft actually contacted him and asked him to make a new one. To top it off, they told him if his new Ad hits 200,000 hits on YouTube, Microsoft will actually air the Ad on national TV, which we must say is a pretty sweet deal, and yes his Ad’s are actually quite impressive.

So have a look at his work in the following Ads. The first one is his original that gained him attention in the first place, while his second is what ‘might’ be aired on TV if it gets to 200,000 hits (it’s on 23,000 when we wrote this article, in 4 days). I recommend you show everyone this Ad because I’d rather see this on tv anyday, over the older and more boring Windows Phone 7 Advertisements, so enjoy.

Video 1: Original Fan Video

Video 2: New Video which might get aired Nationwide if it hits 200,000 hits

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