Kitara – The 22nd Century Guitar

Kitara – The 22nd Century Guitar

This is Kitara, a Guitar which doesn’t have any physical strings, but works just as well if not better as a electric guitar. Rather what you have here in an invention from Misa Digital which combines a full fretboard, an advanced multi-touch screen and an on board polyphonic synthesizer loaded with sounds and effects to create what I like to call a digital guitar. Although some people might say it looks like they’ve stuck an iPad in the head of the guitar, I found no evidence to show so (although that would be kind of cool).

Quite a few sounds can be created from this ‘guitar’ depending on the mode, and I figure with this bad boy you can be your own one man show. You simply play the guitar by touching the screen, whether it be the string or point on screen to create sweet sweet music, and to top it off, you can apply digital effects which you can control by the touch screen panel. Misa Digital claim that you shouldn’t compare this to to acoustic guitars or electric guitars as those are different instruments, for different art forms, for different music. This is electronic music.

The tech specs for those interested are as follows:

  • 8-inch multi-touch display
  • MIDI out
  • Audio out (1.25”)
  • Headphone out (3.5mm)
  • Onboard multi-voice audio synthesizer with assignable effects blocks
  • 6 pre-loaded effects
  • 24 frets; 144 notes
  • Linux operating system
  • We don’t know what half of that means but it sounds good to us. The Kitara is currently up for pre-order from Misa Digital for US$959, or US$3,249 for the limited edition Aluminium body build, and it should be shipping in the second half of 2011. If you are interested in creating ‘electronic music’ (or if you think you are the next Daft Punk) then head on down to the source link below. Otherwise enjoy this video demo of the Kitara in action and some pictures below.

    Thanks for sending this in Luke!

    Source: Misa Digital
    via: Creative Greed

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