Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like?

Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like?

Could the iPhone 5 look like a beveled iPod touch?

Joshua Topolsky, ex-editor of Engadget recently was given these pictures above by an Anonymous Tipster who claims this is what the iPhone 5 will look like! The First thing you’ll notice is that it looks strikingly similar to the iPod Touch, and it seems that there will be no more glass back, ala iPhone 4, but rather the metal back that has been on every iPhone since it was released. The design looks to be more iPod Touch orientated as well, which we think is rather lame as the iPhone 4 looks much better than any iPod Touch.

Do note, that the picture above is just a mockup, as production on the iPhone 5 is not set to begin till at least June, meaning that for the first time in years, there will not be a iPhone released mid year. This of course might have something to do with the imminent release of the white iPhone 4 next week onwards.

The design above is said to sport a 3.7inch screen (so a possible 0.1 inch size increase), with the same 960 x 640 resolution with retina screen display (again exactly the same as the iPhone 4, but a possibly less pixel density due to the slight bump in screen size), and you’ll notice that the home button area is  much bigger now, giving thought that you may be able to use finger swipe gestures in certain cases. The phone is said to also have support for both CDMA and GSM, meaning it can be used on any phone carrier in the world (as opposed to waiting for the iPhone 4 to be made to carrier specifications).

For use we feel it looks oddly thing, and even Apple as great a company as they are cannot possibly out a phone this thin, yet feature packed with all the features we noted above, so it is possible this may be a fake. Or it could be the design, just the future iPhone 5 may just be slightly fatter than in the mock up above. Or it could be a fake.

Either way, when we hear anything new, we’ll be sure to update it as soon as we can!

Source: Engadget
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