India wants to monitor all Nokia emails

India wants to monitor all Nokia emails

Nokia blocked in India

Not content with asking RIM (the company who own and produce BlackBerry’s) to hand over all information related to BlackBerry users, India has gone ahead an issued an ultimatum to Nokia that they want Nokia to stop the launch of their new push email system until India can put their monitoring system in place to monitor all Nokia emails. If you remember, a few months ago India issued the same notice for BlackBerry emails, and ultimately RIM had no choice but to comply with the Indian government or risk losing out on a large market.

As you know, mobile phone sales have been growing steadily in India over the last few years, and India is increasingly becoming the Tech hub for companies as infrastructure and labor is cheap there. Therefore it is no surprise that more and more phones are being launched in India, and users are starting to snap up phones. I myself have traveled to India for various reason over 20 times over the last 6 years, and I have never come across anyone who does not own a phone, from business folks to street vendors, mobile technology has taken over. So Nokia (nor RIM) will never risk losing out on a potentially huge market over some dispute with the Indian Government over monitoring processes.

In truth, the Indian government monitoring emails makes sense, as it is not about lack of privacy, but rather attempting to curb and weed out terrorism and dangers to the country. As you may remember, the Mumbai attacks last year were quite devastating to the city of Mumbai, and it was a huge setback for India as a developing nation. In order to protect the people, perhaps India may need to monitor emails and may have to invade phones and such. But thats just my view point, it could be for other reasons, but we all have our opinions. Do you guys have a different viewpoint? Sound off in the comments.

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