Estimate the Calories in your Food with Meal Snap

Estimate the Calories in your Food with Meal Snap

If you’ve ever wished to use an  App to  find out how many calories is in your food, then look no further than the Meal Snap Page. While it sounds like one of the thousand of Apps on the App Store which dont work as advertised, this one is surprisingly good!

The process is like this – You take a picture of your food via the App, then you title your food (thats optional but it helps to keep it more accurate), then you simply send it off, and within a few seconds you get your calorie count! Now I tested this app with my friends iPhone 4 (since I prefer Android and Windows Phone 7), and I tested it on a delicious Apple Pie I bought from Woolworth’s to test it out. Now this test was particularly used because the Apple Pie box has the calorie count on the back, so I was testing the accuracy of it. The results were quite good, and there was only a slight difference in Calorie count (the App was under by 5 to 10 calories).

So with that being said, it’s not 100% accurate, but its pretty damn close. It’s only available in the iTunes App Store, for iPhone and iPad 2 devices, and it costs $4. If this sounds like your kind of App, head on down to the source link to buy it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Source: Meal Snap

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