Dropbox – Always have your stuff, wherever you are

Dropbox – Always have your stuff, wherever you are


What is Dropbox? Well it’s a program that I happened to have stumbled upon the other day, and decided that I’d gave it a try (I suggest you do too!). It basically allows you to share files with other Dropbox users. So what makes this different from any other program or app? Well I found out that it’s possible to share files between a computer and Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices (All Dropbox Apps are free as well).

Where to get started

All you have to do is go to Dropbox, download the application and install it. Once the program is installed it, you will be asked whether you have an account, for newcomers you obviously follow the steps to create an account. Now that you’ve got an account, you get 2GB free to start and play around with. For me that’s pretty good already, as I don’t think I’ll be sharing a file(s) larger than that. If you want to pay for extra storage, you can go ahead and do so, by upgrading your account on their website; just click the upgrade link! The pricing is $9.99/month for 50GB of storage, and $19.99/month for 100GB of storage and whether you need that much or not, that’s up to you.

Sharing Files

Now that we have all of the useless and boring stuff out of the way, we can start to share files with Dropbox. Upon installing the program, it automatically creates folders for you, where you can place your files. The Photos Folder allows you to share images, or photo galleries to be exact, and all you have to do is add a folder and then then add photo’s to that folder. The public folder, allows you to share files, even with people that don’t use the Dropbox, by creating links. To give access to the links, right click on the file, go down to Dropbox, and select copy public link. As for the Shared Folder, it allows you to Share files with friends you’ve added on Dropbox.

How to use it

Now that you’ve got your account, go ahead and install Dropbox on all the computers you use, to share files amongst them and you can add files in your shared folder and your friends can see them too! Now you’re probably wondering, how can you install it on your smart phones or iPad? Go to: Dropbox Anywhere and download it for whichever device you use and start sharing today!

Dropbox for the Apple iPad