Create your own Custom Suit at My.Suit

Create your own Custom Suit at My.Suit

Now before everyone starts getting all excited, do note this site is only aimed at people who either live in, or near, New York City. We may be a global site, but we do like to focus on sites that are good, and involve technology, and as things go – New York ranks 6th on the list of cities that people visit Techin5 from (out of over 1600). So for you New Yorkers, this one is a site called My.Suit where they feature one of the most extensive and simple ‘Suit Builder’ sites I have ever come across. In all honestly, I came across this site by mistake, while I was researching sites for Custom Made Suits (if anyone in Melbourne, Australia knows a good custom suit store please let me know!), and I’m actually glad I found it, despite the fact I do not live anywhere near New York (over 10,000 miles/16,000 kilometers to be precise), but it gave me faith that such simple yet well thought out site exists.

The Suit Builder tools on the site are quite simple, as they go piece by piece all the way from your Suit design, color, look to even an add on vest styles and look. The entire process of building the suit took me about 10 to 15 minutes, and this is while I was choosing options like I was actually building a suit I wanted. Each part also has a simple explanation so that you can understand the style and for what occasion you would choose it for.

As far as ranges go, they have a large collection of colors and Suit materials to choose from, as well as a range of different designs depending on the part. Overall I chose from 27 different options for my suit (see pic below) in order to best fit my requirements. One of the things I did like is that you could have a small customised Label with your name (up to 10 character), although I wasn’t exactly quite sure where it would go on the suit.

The only problem with the site was that I found it impossible to find how much my suit would cost all up, as I would be curious, but I did my own calculations, and I believe I was buying a suit with pure 100% italian fabric (including blazer and pants) and a vest for under $USD1500, and thats with trying to choose the best materials possible. There are of course much cheaper options available without too much loss in quality, where you could probably get the same deal for under $800. Once you do make the suit, My.Suit gives you the option to book an appointment in store so a tailor can measure your specifications exactly, which I presume is where you get the final cost. And for those wondering, they have stores in 4 locations – Herald Square, Westchester Mall, Madison Avenue, and Wall Street, so head on down to the stores, or to build your own suit today, head on down to the Source Link. I myself hope they expand to other parts of the country soon, for instance Los Angeles, as I find myself travelling every now and then, and I would pick my suit up. Either way, its a great site, go check it out today!

Source: My.Suit

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  • Racesinger

    Do you have any idea which company/designer built this website?

  • Techin5

    Unfortunately not, you would have to ask them directly (or on their FB page)