Concept Phone – The Aston Martin Android Phone

Concept Phone – The Aston Martin Android Phone

Now before you get up all excited and all about this phone, do remember it is only a Concept Phone (the Concept Phone of our dreams) from Aston Martin, and it runs Android! It’s apparently a glass pane that is transparent until activated or turned on, which means its a full touch screen phone without a keyboard. This concept phone comes from Aston Martin and Mobiado, and was shown off at the BaselWorld Luxury watch show this week.

As it is noted, a phone like this would be technically impossible to produce with the technology of today; but with technology advancing so quickly we’ll, hopefully, see this phone within the next 5 to 10 years. The build construction consists of transparent glass sapphire glass (what?!) and bordered by two titanium edges which probably prevent the phone from becoming completely transparent or something. I’m already counting down the days till I can pick one up myself!

Source: Gizmag

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