Cocktail Flow for Windows Phone 7

Cocktail Flow for Windows Phone 7

Ok I’ll admit it… Cocktail Flow is the best drink maker App I’ve ever used, and I’ve practically used all the drink maker apps in Android and Apple, which is why I’m surprised I had never heard of this App till a few days ago. It’s got one of the cleanest and sexiest looks I’ve ever seen in an app of this kind, and frankly its one of the better Apps I’ve used on Windows Phone 7 all up.

The rich and engaging App makes it a pleasure to use and flick through the App, and in typical Windows Phone 7 (WP7) style, the App is designed to be quick, efficient, and ultimately fun to use. I had lots of fun going through the App for hours yesterday just looking at the drinks they have on display (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The App features an excellent feature called ‘Barstock Search’ where you can put in which ingredients and drinks you have at home (based on the options they have provided), and based on what you have at home they give you a list of cocktails that you can make. It furthermore also offers shopping advice, where or advises you on further ingredients you need to buy to make a drink (with an estimated cost given as well).

There’s also a guide within the App that explains the different aspects of cocktail making, and the essentials you need in order to best make cocktails – from bar tools to garnishing techniques. The App is full of amazing photography and some nice visuals to go with it when opening a new drink recipe. Each cocktail has a stunning picture to accompany it, so you can look at how it should look like, if prepared properly. And the pictures looks absolutely delicious.

Of course, each drink within the App comes with a list of ingredients you need for each drink (and quanity), and a simple swipe of the screen to the left brings up the instructions on how to prepare the drink in an easy and simple format which anybody can follow, whether you are a Professional Bartender or an Amateur trying your hand at cocktails. The App also has a few ‘Seasonal Drinks Packages’ which you can download from within the App for special drinks for certain seasonal occasions like New Years or Valentines Day.

Normally Cocktail Flow costs $2.99 from the Zune Marketplace, but they are currently having a MIX11 (a Microsoft hosted Tech event) promotion where you can actually get the App for free till the end of this week.

All you have to do is get your Windows Phone 7, download the trial version of Cocktail Flow here, then Follow Cocktail Flow on Twitter here. Once you’ve done that, simply go to this page, enter in your twitter username and get the promotional code (yes it is different for every person). Once done, simply go into Cocktail Flow on your WP7, go to the promotions section, and enter the code in, and once unlocked you can download all the extra packages for free! Or you can go directly to the Cocktail Flow website here if you aren’t quite sure what to do. It’s actually quite a simple process, and a big thanks to the developers for having this promotion for free this week. From my point of view, I would have still paid for this App even if this promotion wasn’t running, its just that good! So head on down to the website and start making those cocktails!

Source: Cocktail Flow
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