Cobra PhoneTag helps you locate lost keys

Cobra PhoneTag helps you locate lost keys

Cobra PhoneTag is a tagging system that uses your phone to keep track of any kind of item you wish, which in most cases will be the item they lose the most – the keys. Finally! It’s a simple mechanism where you attack the Cobra Tag sensor to your keys, and using a bluetooth connection between itself and the phone, it sends you out GPS coordinates of your keys by email or sms.

Of course, the beauty of this device is that it works both ways, as if you have your keys but you’ve misplaced your phone, you can ask it to ‘ring’ your phone as well serving up a smart option for people losing one or the other. Of course, if you tend to mispalce your phone and your keys, then you’re kind of out of luck as we highly doubt there exists such a thing capable of finding everything for you (They guy who invests that would make so so much money…).

The Cobra PhoneTag can be purchased directly from Cobra for $59.95, and while it may seem steep at first, we think that the amount of time and pain you save by knowing exactly where you can find your key (or phone) will be priceless. The Cobra PhoneTag works for all Apple, Android, and BlackBerry Devices, and if you’re interested, head on down to the source link.

Source: Cobra Electronics
via: Uncrate

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