Celsius – Get the Temperature on your Home Screen

Celsius – Get the Temperature on your Home Screen

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Unlike most weather Apps, Celcius actually displays the temperature on your iPhone homescreen, and regularly updates it. There are very few Apps (surprisingly) that actually allow this option, so it does help knowing straight from your home screen what the weather is like outside, and based on that you can decide whether to sleep an extra hour or 5 minutes.

As Apple doesn’t allow apps to infest the home screen with and sort of live information, or data, this App should be most useful to those who don’t want to have to open an App every time they need to check the weather. Of course, if you want to find out more than just the temperature, then you’re forced to open the App, and you get all the usual details you would from other weather Apps. Of course there’s a Fahrenheit version of this App as well if thats what you’re used to (no you can’t switch in App I don’t believe). Both are available from the iTunes store for $0.99, links below if you want to download this useful App.

Celcius – Link

Fahrenheit – Link

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