Blunt Umbrellas, the tall persons best friend

Blunt Umbrellas, the tall persons best friend

Now I know this isn’t exactly tech related, but there’s a surprisingly decent amount of technology that goes into making an Umbrella with quality like this one. For instance, these unique umbrellas feature a low profile, tensioned canopy for easier control in the wind. Introducing the Blunt Umbrella, an umbrella designed with its edges blunt, as opposed to the more traditional sharp and pointy edged umbrella who just happens to have made your eyes his nemesis.

I’m fairly tall, around 186cm, and when it rains in Melbourne (which is fairly often these days), a simple trip in the city becomes a fight for survival. For some reason, everyone seems to LOVE holding their umbrellas (with those afore mentioned sharp and pointy edges) ‘exactly’ where my eyes are, so I end up playing a game of ‘Duck Duck Umbrella’ until I’m at my destination. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had their fair share of playing ‘Duck Duck Umbrella’.

Thankfully, the Blunt Umbrella, designed by Blunt, should make my life easier as I’ll be urging people to get this for the safety of eyes everywhere. The BU (Blunt Umbrella for those who didn’t already get it) is available online in 5 color variants (Black, Silver, Yellow, Blue, and Red) from $79 to $99 in Australia depending on size. Blunt also ships to other countries like USA, Netherlands, and Japan (and a few others). If you’re interested, head on down to the Source link and pick yourselves one up.

Source: Blunt
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