Beats by Dr. Dre Chrome Edition

Beats by Dr. Dre Chrome Edition

Beats by Dr. Dre have become one of the more popular headphones in the music industry, as well as outside of it. They look good, they sound good, and they¬†symbolizes a sense of style. Colorware is a company known for taking tech products, and allowing you to customize your product to any color you want. What colorware have done here is take your standard set of Studio Beat Headphones which normally cost USD$350, and rather than adding exorbitant colors, they have in fact replaced all the color with a sleek Chrome Finish, and dubbed it Beats Chrome. I can’t say it doesn’t looks good either, because it looks very very good, probably the best thing I’ve seen to have come out of Colorware.

Then of course there’s pricing, which by usual Colorware standards isn’t very cheap. Do remember the only thing that has changed is the look of the headphones, but Colorware feel their Chrome Finish Beats Collection is worth $1000 brand new. Of course the reason for that is that these Chrome Beats will be very limited, and only 50 will be produced in this style, so if you do want to purchase it, you can with the knowledge that only 49 other people in the world will own one.

However we still think that paying $1000 for this makes more sense than paying $2,650 for this! But I guess thats up to the person who makes the money. If you’re actually interested in buying Beats by Dr Dre Chrome Edition, then by all means head on down to the source link. Meanwhile enjoy the video below from Colorware.

Source: Colorware
via: Chip Geek

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