Apple’s latest Product Revealed

Apple’s latest Product Revealed

Apple have had some really good products in the last decade, some revolutionary, some innovative, but more often than not, Apple’s products are usually good products that sell really well. Hot on the heels of the announcement that BlackBerry was releasing its Tablet – The BlackBerry Playbook to the public for sale, Apple were content to set back on not panic too much about a product dubbed ‘The iPad killer’. Costing will be $599 and $799.

The reason being Apple have already made a commercial about their new product they will be releasing in the future, and they sent a quick video over to Conan O’Brien, who is best know for his hit talk show ‘Conan’ which airs in The United States. Conan was able to show off the video a few night ago, so for the first time, take a look at a sneak preview of Apple’s latest product:

Would I pay $799 for the iDea? No, but Apple is sure there will be people out there who will!

Featured Image: Maclife

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