Airpiano – The Music is in your Hands

Airpiano – The Music is in your Hands


Omer Yosha is a designer student who hacked together a concept where you could actually create music with your hands by hovering them over a surface that uses proximity sensors to register your hand movements, and it feeds them by usb to a connected computer to create music. Even the big man in the sky doesn’t make this much music with his hands!

It’s a complete touch free interface meaning you never have to touch the board to create soft synths. ‘Real’ musicians might scoff at this and claim music can only come from real instruments you can actually hold in your hands, but to them I say the future is coming. And nothing says Daft Punk more than magically creating music with your hands of power. Of course while people might find this a cool concept become product, the price is a little steep, with the actual Airpiano device costing €1,099 ($AUD1490), but for those interested, the great news is that it is available today to order! Head on down to the source link if you’re interested in learning more, otherwise enjoy these videos below showing the Airpiano in all its glory.

Source: Airpiano

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