Windows Phone 7 Updates start Rolling Out

Windows Phone 7 Updates start Rolling Out


UPDATE: Click HERE to get a look at when Microsoft is rolling out the updates to your Carrier (World Wide Table)

UPDATE 2: Telstra have contacted us and told us – “We expect to make the WP7 ‘pre-update’ available to 7 Mozart and LG Optimus 7Q customers late next week or early the following week” Unfortunately for you Telstra Customers, it seems they haven’t even released the ‘pre-update’ yet, but hopefully you’ll get both updates very soon!

As of last night, Microsoft has released their latest update, codenamed No-Do (No-Do stands for No Donuts, probably a cheap shot at Androids Donut operating system). The update was originally supposed to be released in early February, but due to some scares in an earlier update, Microsoft Coders took extra time just to make sure it was perfect. If you’re one of the few million Windows Phone 7 owners out there, you’ll be getting your No-Do update in the next few days to a week, depending on how Microsoft is rolling it out globally. It must be noted that if your phone is a Carrier bought phone (from a phone company, and the phone is locked to them), then it could take up to a few weeks to get your updates as Carriers make sure the update is safe.

Some of the changes associated with this update are:

  • Copy and Paste (Microsoft finally brings the much asked for Copy and Paste in this update)
  • Faster App and Game load times (Much needed update)
  • Refined Marketplace search
  • Outlook and SMS improvements
  • Wireless Internet Connection (wi-fi) improved performance
  • Facebook Improvements
  • And many more improvements

If you really want to know more, head on down to the source link to find out more!

As for you Australian Users, still no word from Optus, Telstra, or Vodaphone. Will be updated when we get more news on this!

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Source:  WP7 Connect

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