What problems does your iPad 2 have?

What problems does your iPad 2 have?

With the iPad 2 launching recently, we’ve got quite a few reports of people having various issues with their iPad 2, both in The United States, Australia, as well as some other countries. So we want to know from the people, which issues are affecting you the most? If there’s more than one, vote on which problem is showing/appearing the most.


Bleeding – Click this link to learn more

Wi-Fi Issues – There’s been reports that iPad’s cannot connect to a hotpot and occasionally have their signal drop out for no reason at all.

Dead Pixels – This occurs when a pixel on the screen (the screen is made up of tiny dots known as pixels) dies. Apparently users are getting a few dead pixels scattered around their screen.

Speaker Issues – Speakers get stuck in headphone mode, the sound is actually quieter than the original iPad, occasional broken sound quality.

Other Issues – Something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Obviously, if you’re having these problems, you should probably head on down to your local Apple store, and get it replaced for a brand new iPad 2, unless these issues don’t really affect you. Who knows, your second iPad 2 could actually turn out to have more problems than your first.

So for now, vote on, we’d like to get a good idea on how bad your problems actually are with the iPad 2. Sound off below in the comments section as well!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/arashiwang Xiaolan Wang

    weird bright dots on screen, probably i m the only one have this on my ipad 2
    heard people had this on ipad one though

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Is it slightly yellow in nature?

  • azza

    No connectivity with win 7 64bit.

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    To be honest this is the first I’m hearing on this issue. Probably a simple update fix. Simply head into Apple and see what they can do for now. Have you tried with another computer running win7? I don’t have that problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lukepsaila Luke Psaila

    you’ve got an ipad2 ?

  • Ilovetoride

    Safari closing by itself, Calendar “freezing” (had to toggle the “Home” button). Smart-cover quit working , no longer putting the iPad a sleep nor waking it up.

  • Dkasaju

    FaceTime is not working in my ipad2. When i call another facetime user it keeps on displaying connecting forever. I’ve tried doing the following things several times:
    1. turning off and on FaceTime from settings.
    2. signing out and signing in from settings.
    3. Signing in with other accounts
    4. Restarting ipad2
    5. Tried in different wifi.
    Note: Facetime works on my itouch 4g with same wifi and account.

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Actually, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of that problem for the iPad 2, seems a few people here and there can’t use facetime, while other can. It’s a very tempremental machine it seems

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    This one deffinitely means its time to go back and ask for a replacement asap. At least of the smartcover for now.

    Sometimes just restarting the ipad helps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justineames33 Justin Eames

    Ive got damage to the screen bezel. Apple will replace it but no stock to do so at the moment :(

  • Duncan

    I’ve got small amount of screen bleeding on the bottom edge and the rear camera appears to have packed it in. Both the Camera application and the PhotoBooth application freeze on opening. It all failed when I hit the flip camera button on the Camera application (from front to back camera). Facetime still works as its using the front camera. I’ve tried a full reset (hold both buttons for 10 secs) and its still broken.

  • Denright

    Why can we only select one???

    I’m having screen bleed and wifi issues as well as a dead pixel.

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Yea sorry, but I had to keep it like that to get a better count of accuracy. if you have more, which one is the one that is worst (or more annoying)?

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Yea unfortunately stocks all over the world are low..

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Seems your ipad 2 was utter rubbish.. which is unfortunate, and while I’m not the biggest Apple fan, I’ve always beleived their products need better quality control (more recently at least). Perhaps try doing a clean recovery, and re-installing the latest OS!

  • Anonymous

    Nah, thats what Apple does to keep interest. They KNEW that it would sell well so why the shortages? Clever marketing

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    It’s always been the case, but I meant it was unfortunate for those who had problems that needed replacing.

  • Tracker

    iPad 2 Red Tint on Pictures – I reviewed hundreds of pictures and found a consistent (though slight)reddish tint to all my pictures compared directly to the ipad 1 (which are more natural looking, especially with skin tones). However the whites are much more white looking (a good thing) but is this a compromise or a defect?

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    I haven’t noticed the Red Tint myself, so I’ll actually have to go looking to find out. Or to be more precise, I haven’t particularly been looking out for the tint. It could be just the way the LCD is made, hence why there is screen bleeding.

  • Beth

    We purchased 2 iPad 64mg 3G ….one works great with FaceTime the other has sound issues. It does not ring —only a slight buzz for lack of a better description. Any solutions would be great.

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    If I understand correctly, you’re saying your second iPad 2 is having sound issues only on facetime, or all the time? If its the first, It could be a facetime issue (an iOS update should be released as early as this month). If its the second, it could mean a total speaker failure, in that case I recommened going back to Apple and asking for a new iPad 2 which works. Hope that helps.

  • Jaroslavhavlik

    In safari screen suddenly get darker and most of the screen does not react to my touch. It happen twice and I had to reset whole machine. is there any trick to avoid it?

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Sounds as if the screen is timing out and going to half sleep mode. You might be better off re-installing the software (iOS 4.3) and then doing a hard reset. If that doesn’t help, you know where the Apple store is. It’s either buggy, or very buggy.

  • Rapvnzle

    My off feature doesnt work… I hold the home button down.. for at least 15 seconds..nothing happens.. I also double tap..nothing happens… I have to manually go into settings and reset it… really irritating.. I JUST GOT THIS from Apple.. :( Not happy..

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  • Star101 9

    when I try to call call my husband using facetime it doesnt ring on his side?

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Can he call you?

  • DG

    damn thing won’t wake up, it’s worse than a teenager :o(
    Have to do a hard reset (power and select button held for 10s to make the device reboot)

  • Meahmiller

    FaceTime does not work. I can call my husband but his iPhone won’t ring, he can call me but my iPad won’t ring! In fact it won’t even show on the screen anyone is calling. We are on different net connections

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Did it fix it?

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Yes, I’ve heard iPad 2’s are the root of this problem. Have you updated to the latest iOS version?

  • Mr Pee

    Just got Ipad 2and it will not load new email, instead it loads email from 2008.    Nice,just what I wanted

  • Humangro

    The smart cover does not put iPad 2 to sleep…any suggestions?

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    It’s most probably a smart cover problem, but possibly an iPad 2 problem. Best chance is to try and replace the cover, and bring your iPad 2 along to test out. Otherwise get yoruself a brand new iPad 2 from Apple.

  • Jpnev13

    my ipad is freezing up and I can’t do anything It keeps saying restaurant pary can’t downloasd but I can’t get passed that

  • Mightywhite

    Not compatible with Windows 7

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    That’s not true, it’s certainly compatible with Windows 7. Try it again, make sure the drivers are installing properly

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    So it’s an issue with downloading games? Is that the only time it freezes?

  • Jackie

    My son-in-law has an I Pad 2, also.  we want to view our grandson on Facetime.  When they call us, we DON’T hear a ring from facetime, to know they are calling us!!!!!!!  Is there HELP for this problem???!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    I would first try to upgrade your iPad’s Operating System (just plug it in and click the check for updates button on the ipad screen in iTunes.. or it might do it automatically). If that STILL hasn’t fixed it, take it into an Apple Store, and get a new one.

  • jthixen

    If my ipad has the cover on or is asleep, it doens’t ring if someone calls me on facetime. Is there a way I can make at least ding or something if a call is coming through when I’m not using it? The version of IPad is 4.3.3(8J2)

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    It should still be rining when the cover is on as far as I am aware. The Smart cover will only put it to sleep, and not stop programs from running. Check the settings to make sure the settings allow FaceTime to ring, it’s possible something might have been unchecked in the process of fidling with it or by default.

    Other than that I have not heard of this issue before so I can’t help apart from say what I’ve told everyone else to do in worst case scenarious – Take it back to Apple, let an employee look at it.

  • Dorothy Gibson

    Having problems changing screens in facebook.  Trying to get out of message this photo set contains no photos, before it would get stuck on 2 photos and I couldn’t get the main menus up even when I would hit the home button and also after I would turn the ipad2 completely off, it would come back to the same message.  Can you help me

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Can you further explain.. is it the Facebook app (for iPhone) or the webpage (in safari)?

  • Fargobarbi

    Problems with Facebook as well as igoogle. Facebook will boot up & show posts, but can’t scroll or interact (leave posts, etc)
    with igoogle, shows up but it screen is slightly darkened & I cannot access. Very troublesome, as my ipad is only a week old.

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you’ve not got every application open, close the ones youre not using and see how that works. Doube tap the home button, then click and hold any app to get the ‘force close’ method up. Then see how it works. Is that app or safari (websites) for Facebook?

  • Mastervos

    Facetime cannot connect even after changing DNS to,  

  • Anonymous

    You technically shouldn’t need to change the DNS, but if after changing it, and then on auto detect it still doesn’t work, take it back to Apple and get them to fix it. Why suffer when they can do it easily! :)

  • Shazzaley

    Mine rings just need to enable the sound for the ring u want on it

  • Anonymous

    So yours works fine then?

  • Shazzaley

    My iPad freezes every so often early couldn’t do nothing with it is it a common thing screen wouldn’t rotate I got to off screen then couldn’t slide to off should I look into taking back or stick it for now an see what happens next?

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    First try to make sure you close ALL applications you’re not using right now to see if perhaps the system is being overloaded. If it is there’s your problem. If not, then yes take it back. (or update to latest OS and see if that helps). 

  • Rbwood1978

    There’s a setting in mine for that option. I’m posting this without seeing how I got there. I’ll get right back to you.

  • Rbwood1978

    It’s in general settings, just under restrictions. Hope It works, Bobby.

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Thanks for the help Rbwood1978!

  • Agupta6074

    “Ringer Volume” will not disappear

  • Sturve228

    the mic does not work in FaceTime, and FaceTime only!!!!

  • Lesley Dewar

    I have this problem too. The ringer display keeps popping up in the middle of the screen. It is very annoying, won’t go away and I have to keep manually turning the sound up when I want to watch a video.

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Try to press and hold down on the Volume rocker and see if that helps

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    That seems to be a frequent occurance, simply take it to Apple and get them to fix it.

  • Nickik1

    I too am having this problem and holding down the volume rocker did not fix it.

  • Scousebryan

    My home button does not respond like it used to, I have to press it a few times to make it respond.

  • http://techin5.com Jubbin Grewal @Techin5.com

    Yea there’s been a few issues with FaceTime.

  • http://techin5.com Jubbin Grewal @Techin5.com

    That’s hardware issue. Apple is the only one that can help you there (unless you try a hard reset by holding the power button and home button together). Save all your open docs tho.

  • http://techin5.com Jubbin Grewal @Techin5.com

    Like I’ve said countless time, hardware problem can really only be fixed by Apple (I’m assuming it’s the rocker, and not the software)

  • PCOOmbes

    iPad play audio at x2 speed where do I change it

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Not sure if there is a way to change audio speed..

  • Estellelopez2

    my safari froze after I tried down loading youtube. It only goes to youtube when opened and says 
    could not load movie. Then I’m unable to do anything. It wont’ allow me to get onto the internet. When I click on ok fro the could not load movie the screen is gray with the top marked You tube and can not close this window?

  • Kurvydiva

    My new iPad 2 will not allow me to download ANY games… The problem is with the game center not registering my account… Will not complete the CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT …I have contacted the apple store and geek squad only to be told that NO ONE KNEW HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM ,,,,,,, REALLY,,,,,,…….!!!!!!!???????? I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to find someone that could help me!!!! AM I THE ONLY PERSON TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM???? I bought an apple because they are suppose to be the best

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Try updating the iOS firmware via iTunes!

  • Stanirvine

    ringer won’t work in facetime

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    That’s a constant issue we’ve heard about. Seems to be a hardware problem more than software, so your best best (apart from doing a reset to check) is to take it to Apple and ask them what’s the deal.

  • Tahotaz

    the safari screen on my Ipad2 is grey and will not let me get onto the internet its frozen!

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Do a hard reset (hold the power and home buttons for 10-15 seconds).

  • zachary fife

    on ipad 2, facebook, looking at pictures shows a small picture, will not go away while on facebook, turned it off then back on, dont know what to do

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Not a hardware problem, but most likely a Facebook problem. Update the app, or uninstall and re-install

  • Kylie_nichole46

    Go to settings and change it to sleep when cover is on

  • Footballkisses

    When on my ipad2 im looking on fb and it doesnt let me see who online and the area said Connecting but never connects

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Most probably a iPad Facebook app problem. (You are using the iPad and not iPhone app right?) Update it and it should work or re-install (or try to force quit it first).

  • Reecej1997

    I had the same problem it does go away if you reinstall the app like Techin5 said

  • Crazy4nelly2005

    When im watching a video , my ipad2 just suddently closes me out of the website/page ? What is going on?

  • Techin5

    Probably update to the latest ioS5 and give it a reset (hold power button and home key for 10 seconds)

  • Jeffrey farnsworth

    The issue I am having is in music studio app ( paid version ), if I am playing something that consists of 4 or more notes pressed at the same time the sound drops out about 2 seconds after releasing the notes the sound returns. Also at times while loading a page safari will drop out leaving me at the start up screen also it it does not handle low frequencies very , becoming scratchy any suggestions ? Should I send it to apple ? I found no neg feedback concerning music studio app

  • Techin5

    Try contacting the dev’s and asking for their help. They might be able to assist. Personally no, I have never heard of the problem either so I couldn’t exactly pinpoint the issue here!

  • J_m_norton7

    A couple of days after 12 mth warrantyexpired IPad 2 died completely will not respond to anything took it to Apple shop genius still dead, told i was just unlucky, it has been in a cover and cared for since day one, have lost all recent data and pics will never buy or recomend Apple.

  • gmail

    I rented a movie and the bar is not moving

  • noneyabuisness

    my ipad has a problem with the headphone hole and part of a speaker. my friend plugged up a speaker into my ipad2? and the jack is stuck in my ipad…what do i do?