Warner Bros. renting movies on Facebook – The Dark Knight first

Warner Bros. renting movies on Facebook – The Dark Knight first

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies, and if you’re a fan like me, you would have already bought either a Blu-Ray or DVD of The Dark Knight. However in case you haven’t, Warner Bros. Studios has recently updated The Dark Knight’s Facebook fan page, so that you can use all those unspent Facebook Credits which you acquired while playing Farmville, to actually rent movies via Facebook.

Now I must point out that this offer is only valid at the moment to those who live in The United States (US), and selective states within the US. It seems like a good idea too, so here’s hoping Warner Bros. brings this out Internationally soon (along with newer movies). From what we know, it costs 30 Facebook Credits, or $3 per rental. It has a 48 hour watch period from when you press play, meaning you can watch it within 48 hours at any time (even if you log out of Facebook). Unfortunately, judging by the price, you will only be able to watch it in Standard Definition, as opposed to the better High Definition (HD) quality you get from other sites like Quickflix (in Australia) and Netflix (in US).

So if you want to watch movies via Facebook, have Facebook Credits to spend, and enjoy The Dark Knight, click the Source Link below and get started!

Feature Image: Warner Bros.
Source: Facebook

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