The Samsung Series 9 – Finally a real MacBook Air competitor

The Samsung Series 9 – Finally a real MacBook Air competitor

The MacBook Air has reigned supreme for years now as the thinnest and smallest laptop which still retains decent specs. The Dell Adamo XPS tried to overthrow the MacBook Air, but their lower specs and high prices scared away potential purchasers. Now, Samsung has introduced the Samsung Series 9, and judging from the images above its a looker.

On paper alone it has the MacBook beat in almost every aspect. It’s thinner, it’s lighter, it’s faster, and frankly it looks better, much better. It could almost be called sexy. So what aspect doesn’t it beat the MacBook Air in? Well its, unsurprisingly, pricier than its competitor. The 13-inch Samsung Series 9 laptop has a starting price of $US1,650, which is about $50 more expensive than the MacBook Air, and nearly $US350 more expensive than Apple’s lowest model.

However, we at Techin5 believe that the Samsung Series 9 is certainly the better model, and we’d willing cough up the $50 to $350 to get our hands on Samsung’s latest creation. The Series 9 comes with the new Intel i5 Processor (2537M); which is quite powerful for the work that would get done on it; Windows 7, a 128GB Solid Slate Drive (think hard drive, but much much faster), and a 1.3 MP inbuilt webcam which is standard. Its superior specs over the MacBook airs ageing technology, and the Series 9’s sleek finish just tops it for us.

Featured Image: Samsung
Source: Samsung

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