Techin5 Officially Launched! The Future is Now.

Techin5 Officially Launched! The Future is Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Techin5! We officially launch our site today, after months of work on our site! While the article base is still small, expect it to grow large over the next few months. Techin5 was founded with the sole purpose of bringing to the public, Tech information. Where we differentiate from the 1000’s of sites out there is by providing information which everyone can understand, from your mother to your brother.

If anyone has any suggestions for which article you would like to see done on the site, we always welcome to suggestions! Please take the time to have a look around our site, and once again Welcome to Techin5! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well, and remember – The Future is Now.

The Techin5 Team:

Jubbin Grewal – Founder and Head-Editor

Dominic Teoh – Editor

Chirag Vadgama – Writer

Daniel Tillman – Writer

Khalid Al-Qhatani – Writer


Jubbin Grewal
Chief Editor and Founder of Techin5

Founder and Chief Editor of Techin5, currently based in Melbourne Australia. Has always had a deep appreciation of Technology and how it helps people, which led to the birth of Techin5. You can follow me on Twitter at @jubbing and on Instagram