Style your iPhone with Marc by Marc Jacobs

Style your iPhone with Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs is the famous fashion brand’s – Marc Jacobs ‘diffusion line’ (a term used to describe High End Fashion Brand’s more moderately priced range of clothes and accessories). It was created by the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs to appeal to a wider range of ladies who couldn’t quite afford Marc Jacobs but still wanted to show that they were heavily interested in Fashion. Since then it has become one of the more famous names in fashion, despite its lack of over pricing (customary for all High End Fashion). Now, Marc by Marc Jacobs brings its famous style to the iPhone with these stylish iPhone 4 cases. All prices are in US Dollars.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Jumbled Logo’ iPhone Cover costs $38. Click here to buy. It comes in Pink, Black, Gold, and Silver.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Lips’ iPhone 4 cover comes only in Black as you see in the picture above. This case costs $32 and you can buy it by clicking here.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Wild Heart’ iPhone 4 cover is only available in the color you see above, and it is made out of silicone. It costs $32, and to buy it, click here.


Fortunately, Nordstrom does ship these covers to most countries around the world, including Australia. UNFORTUNATELY, shipping internationally incurs a hefty premium. For instance, on top of the $32 the ‘Wild Heart’ Cover costs, Nordstrom charges an additional $120 Australian Dollars for shipping, which is quite frankly – excessive beyond belief. Our suggestion? Find someone who lives in the USA, and get them to ship it to you for $20. I know I have family there so if I never needed a case shipped down I would just ask them. It also makes a great birthday gift, so whatever you do, just think of how great these cases would look on your iPhone’s.

Source: Nordstrom
via: GeekSugar

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