Is the iPad 2 screen bleeding?

Is the iPad 2 screen bleeding?

Update: Seems that this problem might actually  be affecting more than the 5% of iPad 2 owners originally predicted. How widespread the issue actually is, we can’t be certain till reports come in from all over the globe (The iPad 2 went on sale today in numerous countries). Sound off in the comments below if you’ve had this problem.

Update 2: Please vote which problems you’re having on your iPad 2 here – LINK

For the last 48 hours, reports have been flying in from new iPad 2 owners, their iPad’s have whats known as ‘screen bleeding’. Roughly, Screen Bleeding is a term used to describe what happens to a product with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen’s meaning that they are most likely defective. What happens is that the white ‘backlight’ starts appearing from the edges of the display, and starts appearing on screen.

The issue is most noticeable when users are on a dark screen, such as a movie, app, or internet page. If you are one of those users who has been effected, it is reported that you can minimize, but not fix, the issue by adjusting the brightness settings. Obviously this is just a quick bandage solution, and we’ll have to wait to hear from Apple themselves if this is a widespread problem and if a fix is on the way; or if it’s just bad luck for certain users. Of course, this is nothing new, as with all new products launched  you will have a small percentage of products with defects.

We think it’s probably a small issue which is only affecting (maybe) 5% of the iPad 2 owners. But as with any problem reported, we’ll have to wait, and find out more in due time.

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  • Truckenstein

    Every one I’ve seen has it.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Thats no good, that means the number might be higher than 5%… hope Apple has it fixed for the worldwide release today.

  • Mike Partridge

    Bought a 32gb black wifi model today, from the Chatswood Chase store in Sydney. It has the screen bleeding issue. Doing a quick search on Google revealed a multitude of comments about the screen bleeding problem. So I guess the number might be a lot higher than 5%.

    Will be taking it back in a few days, and if there’s no stock I will be asking for a full refund.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Indeed I would suggest you take it back as soon as you can. Obviously if the bleeding isn’t TOO bad, you might get used to it, or not even notice it times. If it is bad, highly recommend you get a better model from Apple.

  • Marcoli

    my 32G wifi black model has this bleeding as well.