iPad 2: 5 reasons to upgrade, 5 not to

iPad 2: 5 reasons to upgrade, 5 not to

With Apple’s iPad 2 release tomorrow in the US (5pm local time in stores), and and the rest of the world having to wait till the 25th of March, we thought it would be a good time to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of getting or upgrading to the iPad 2. This guide extends to those who own the original iPad, and to those thinking of purchasing the iPad 2. So without further a due, we present our ‘5 Reasons to upgrade, 5 reasons not to’ Guide.

5 Reasons to upgrade to the iPad 2

1. Dual Camera’sFront facing Camera’s and Back facing Camera’s make their debut on the iPad 2. This was the most requested feature from fans who purchased the original iPad. You can now FaceTime chat (Apple’s version of Skype) with friends and family who own the iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, and Macbook’s. You can now also take videos and pictures on the go with the iPad 2, and the iPad apparently records videos in High Definition (HD) 720p quality.

2. SpeedThe iPad 2 is blazingly quick. Apple have definitely done well in this aspect. By upgrading their processor chip, they have managed to increase the iPad 2’s speed substantially. What they have done is replaced the single processor (what makes the iPad run) in the original, and replaced with dual core processors, giving it close to double the speed of the original. We’d potentially pick the iPad 2 just because of this.

3. GamingThe iPad 2 comes equipped with a Gyroscope (is pretty much a spinning device which detects angles when you tilt the iPad 2 with very good precision). It will give you much better control in games where tilting the iPad is required, giving you a much better gaming experience than you would have ever achieved with the original iPad. Added in with a speed increase and you really have a great gaming device.

4. Weight Apple have made the iPad 2 substantially lighter than the original. People who used to original iPad complained regularly about the device being to heavy to be really called a ‘mobile’ (movable) device. With the iPad 2, you not only get a lighter device, but a thinner device. This literally translates to a much more mobile iPad, which will please all. (It is 33% thinner, and 80 – 100 grams lighter depending on iPad 2 version).

5. It’s an iPad! There comes a certain ‘cool’ factor associated with most Apple products, and the iPad 2 is no exception. It’s sleek, sexy, and beautiful, and everyone will know that you are carrying around an iPad 2. Let’s face it, the iPad 2 won’t ever be mistaken for another device, and it can almost be called ‘a status symbol’.

5 Reasons Not to upgrade to the iPad 2

1. Camera Quality – If you were planning to upgrade solely due to the fact the iPad 2 now has camera’s, we recommend you don’t. Numerous reviews (all of them) state that the iPad 2’s camera quality is quite poor for a 2011 device, and it in no way will replace your current camera. While it’s a handy feature, it feels like Apple went very cheap with their Camera quality in the iPad 2.

2. Lack of Adobe Flash – While people might not care about this, you should. Most flash images, ads, site intro’s, etc you see online these days involve Flash. Apple has yet again failed to put Flash into their devices (due to a disagreement with Adobe who produce Flash). The iPad 2 is meant to be a notebook replacement, but it cannot truly be called that unless they manage to put Flash in the iPad 2 at least, because not all sites have a mobile version without Flash.

3. Screen Display – Again this is something that might not bother most people, but if you have seen the iPhone 4’s amazing and gorgeous Retina Display, you’ll realise that the iPad 2 would have looked amazing with a Retina display. It’s brighter, clearer, and the image quality on screen would be amazing. What you have now is a normal LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which while adequate, is no match for their Retina Technology. Apparently Apple were unable to get the Retina Screen’s ready for the iPad 2. (Learn more about Displays here)

4. Rumors of iPad 3 – You might be scratching your head and wonder why we’re talking about the iPad 3 when the iPad 2 has barely been announced! Well, its being said in Tech Circles, that the iPad 2 was just an iPad 1 refresh (while being slightly lighter, thinner, and adding camera’s). The iPad 3 might be out before you even know it, with Retina Display, and possible better camera’s, making it the real iPad 2, and the current iPad 2 acting as the iPad 1.5. If you’re not willing to take the chance, we’d recommend waiting at least till the end of 2011 to see if there’s an iPad 3 on the horizon. Who knows, the price might even drop by then.

5. Competition – Make no mistakes about it, but the original iPad was an absolutely massive runaway success. Apple’s competitor’s have finally noticed the enormous potential in the tablet market, and 2011 is expected to be ‘the year of the tablet’ (2010 churned out many a-few BAD tablets). Android Tablet’s are expected to be one of the iPad’s biggest threats (and judging by the models coming soon, we don’t doubt it), but don’t count out other companies such as RIM (BlackBerry), and HP. So in summary, look for other potential ‘iPad killers’ on the horizon, and as with the rumored iPad 3, we suggest recommend waiting it out.

And that conclude’s our ‘5 Reasons to upgrade, 5 reasons not to’ Guide. While we’ve given you our most honest opinions, the decision ultimately lies in your hands. We don’t doubt the iPad 2 will be another success, but we would still suggest that with so many other ‘potentials’ coming out soon, you hold off purchasing an iPad 2… for now. Sure you may not have the latest and greatest tech toy on the block, but you might end up finding something better in the future. at the very least, you’ll buy the iPad 2 at a cheaper price (than launch date).

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  • Anonymous

    I have an iPad 1 and have been playing with my wife’s new iPad 2 (“good things come to those who wait” she says). More reasons NOT to upgrade:

    6) Battery life is better on the iPad 1

    7) The speaker sounds better on the iPad 1. The speakers on the iPad 2 point towards the back. If you eventually get a case that covers the back (there are very few iPad 2 cases so it’s hard to notice this yet), the sound could be even worse.

    8) No jailbreak for iPad 2 yet (although i’m sure it’s coming).

  • http://twitter.com/jubbing Jubbin Grewal

    Yes I agree there is plenty more reasons I could have given (like no usb port, or sd card reader etc..), but 5 is a good clean number.

    Jailbreak is expected next few days.