Internet Explorer 9 being released today

Internet Explorer 9 being released today

After taking the day off due to Labor Day here in Australia we’re back today with more news and updates!

We start off today with a little tidbit about the World’s most popular Internet Browser – Internet Explorer (IE). Those of you who still use IE, take note, Microsoft is finally unleashing their newest Browser IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) upon the world today (3pm in Australia for those of you who are really excited to get it). I’ve been using IE9 since it was released in the beta version (software which is released in ‘pre-production’ stage to test it out for bugs and problems before it is released as a full public version), and I’ve got to say that IE9 has really impressed me with it’s speed, look, and new approach design. Yes, impressed me enough to make me start using IE9 ahead of both Firefox and Google Chrome!

Almost everyone has used Internet Explorer before, and they usually have negative feedback about it (and with good reason too, IE8 and below were quite poor in comparison to the other browsers), but I can assure you, Internet Explorer 9 will change those doubts. Don’t take my word for it, head on down to Microsoft later today and download the full version yourself (click on the Source link).

Note: Internet Explorer will only work for those of you using Windows Vista and Windows 7, so those of you using Windows XP – sorry but no upgrades for you.

UPDATE: Internet Explorer 9 is now available for download!

Featured Image: Microsoft
Source: Microsoft

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