How to add a new line on a Facebook Comment

How to add a new line on a Facebook Comment




So the other day I was on Facebook, and I saw one or two of my friends ‘Like’ this page that you see in the picture above. If you didn’t already know, Facebook has updated their commenting feature where rather than typing in a status or comment and then clicking ‘Comment’ to post it, now you just type it in and press the ‘ENTER’ key. While this has made life easier in my eyes, it seems to me quite a few people use the ‘ENTER’ key to actually start a new line (or they did until this change came along).

Well I thought I would give you a quick tip on how to start a new line in a post, and perhaps someone can pass the word on to the other 40,000 people who are unaware of this (yet).

The process is actually quite simple in that you press the ‘SHIFT’ + ‘ENTER’ keys on your keyboard, and that will get you to the next line in your post. Do note this tip works on all programs and services that allow you to type a comment or post something (including Microsoft Word). So how about it then, did this little tip make your life easier? If so share away on Facebook or Twitter!

Side Note: Yes I would love a Dislike button.







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  • Thanksforthat

    Thank you!  That instant reply return feature was cramping my style!  

  • Jubbin Grewal

    You’re welcome! :)

  • Hyip

    Yes SHIFT+ENTER is still wok.