Drunk Night Out? Want to delete embarrassing Facebook posts? There’s an App for that!

Drunk Night Out? Want to delete embarrassing Facebook posts? There’s an App for that!

Believe it or not, most people who own smart phones and go out for a drink (or 7) usually end up committing what is known as a ‘Drunk Posting’. A Drunk post occurs when a person goes out for a night on the town, gets swept up in what their doing and ends up either posting drunk twitter posts or even worse, drunk Facebook posts (including messages). So what happens when you wake up and suddenly you’re greeted with quite a few angry replies and/or amused replies? Wish you could quickly erase any and all traces of what you you on the web last night? Well lucky for you, there’s an App for that! It’s called ‘Last Night Never Happened’ (LNNH) and they claim they are the worlds first iPhone ‘morning after app’.

What the app basically does is allow you to log into Twitter and/or Facebook, choose how far back you want to want to delete posts from, and as it shows you the posts, you can either choose to completely wipe them from the face of this earth, before your mum sees them, or replace them with an apologetic post.

Like we’ve said before, this App is only available for iPhones (sorry Android and BlackBerry users),  but keep hoping you’ll get a similar app like this soon! As for you iPhone users, feel safe knowing that the LNNH App is there to save the day, or in this case night, unless friends decide to re-tweet the post…

Oh…. and the LNNH App doesn’t quite erase drunken text messages, phone calls, MMS’s, or emails, so if you went down this road – you’re still out of luck.

Head on down to th Source link if you’re interested in saving your saturday morning from being a complete disaster!

Featured Image: CBC Today
Source: Last Night Never Happened
via: Cnet

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