Chic Tech Gifts, for the Ladies

Chic Tech Gifts, for the Ladies

The term ‘Chic’ can be defined as Stylish, Fashionable, and Elegant. In our recently introduced ‘Fashion’ Category, we felt that the Ladies out there might want to have a look at a few ‘Chic’ Tech Gifts we found available on the internet, either to purchase for themselves or for a future gift. Men take note as well, these are some excellent birthday presents in the making.We’ve arranged them based on Pricing, lowest to highest (based on current internet prices). We hope you enjoy our extensive guide.

1. HP 8GB USB Flash Drive

This HP Flash Drive Stick features a solid metal, gold plated capless design, with a solitaire crystal added for eye candy. It’s stylish and stands out from the many generic Flash Drives available on the Market. Having one of these in the office (or school) is bound to peak some attention around you.

Normally priced at $37, Amazon is currently selling these Flash Drive’s at $19.77 per Flash Drive. You also get 8GB (Giga Bytes) with your purchase, making it an ideal gift. HP also offer the Flash Drive in 4GB and 16GB variants, but the 8GB version offers the best bang for buck. To learn more click on the Flash Drive, click here.






2. Blackberry 8500 Case-Matte Case

Case-Mate BlackBerry 8500 Series Barely There Case - GoldThis Blackberry Case-Matter Case not only protects your 8520 or 8530 Blackberry’s from damage, but also looks good doing it. It will fit your Blackberry perfectly as well and has the usual cutout for the Camera and phone ports. Unfortunately this particular model only comes in Gold, but if thats your style, then this case is perfect for you.

The case is priced at $19.99, which is quite good in value. This case is sure to get you noticed by everyone around you, and is priced to sell. To find out more on the Case, click here.





3. Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset

This Fashionable Bluetooth Headset from Jawbone is made from premium medical-grade plastic and fine leather, giving it that elegant look you’ve been looking for in a Bluetooth Headset. Not only does it look good, but it features Military Grade noise elimination technology as well as invisible touch controls. It is extremely durable as well, making it the perfect Bluetooth Headset with flair.

The Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset is available in both Black and Gold, and it is also widely recognized as the best Bluetooth Headset on the market. Originally priced at $149.99, Amazon is having a bumper of a deal where you can pick one up for $28.99 including shipping. To learn more, click here.




4. Chrome Bubble slider iPhone 4 Case

We couldn’t have a Gift Guide without involving something to do with the iPhone 4 now could we? This Chrome Bubble slider iPhone 4 case is made of lightweight polycarbonate, with a sleek and metallic exterior. It comes in 3 color variations, so you have plenty of options to choose from – Gold, Black, and Chrome (silver) (with rumors of Red as well). The lightweight polycarbonate ensures that it protects your iPhone 4 well, without too much added weight.

Easy to install, it’s a simple slide on with rubbers on the inside the give the iPhone 4 a snug fit. The Chrome variant costs $29.99, but both the Gold and Black Variants cost $34.95. If this case holds your interest, then to find out more, click here.







5. Soft-touch Metallic Finish iPhone 4 Holder (Case)

Have an iPhone 4 but don’t fancy a hard case? Don’t worry, we’ve got you  covered with this Soft-Touch iPhone 4 holder. This sleek and compact case  has apparently been hand crafted for the iPhone 4 (it also fits newer Blackberry  models). It also features a Metallic finish and this particular model comes in  either White Gold (pictured) or Silver.

The holder also provides a soft protective chamois lining, that will hold your  iPhone 4 securely without fear of it slipping out. Saks Fifth Avenue, who  produce this case also give you the option to personalize this case with your  initials (up to 4 letters or numerals). As you can see with the picture on the left,  I’ve personalized the case with my initials in a White Gold Metallic finish, and it  looks great.

Unfortunately this case isn’t the cheapest, but with a personalized high quality  case, you just can’t go wrong. This stylish Holder costs $55 (before taxes) and  that includes the Personalized initials, and to purchase this, click here.


6. Soft Sleeve for iPad

As with the previous case, this sleeve for the iPad (iPad 1 only for now) is  also produced by Saks Fifth Avenue. This case has also been hand crafted  for the iPad specifically, and once again, soft protective chamois lining  securely holds the iPad in place.

Unfortunately as with the iPhone 4 case, you cannot personalize this case  with your initials, which is a shame because that could have really added  and extra ‘Chicness’ to your case. Nevertheless, this iPad Sleeve will  standout wherever you go.

As with the iPhone 4 variation, it comes in White Gold and Silver. Now  Good Looking iPad cases aren’t the cheapest, and this one is no  exception. This one is available for $130 (excluding taxes) from Saks Fifth  Avenue. To purchase this sleeve, click here.









7. Sony VAIO P Series 8-inch PC (Personal Computer)

Sony have dished up one of the most portable and stylish PC’s with the 8-inch VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC. This Chic little machine weights in at only 1.4 pounds, and it is small enough to fit in your back pocket. It also sports an 8 inch LCD display, which is great for videos, and an inbuilt webcam for video chatting with your friends.

The VAIO P comes in 5 different color variations – Black, Gold, Green, Red, and White, providing you with plenty of choices. This little PC is a great option for those on the move, or those of you who want a very compact PC.

As for pricing, this is our most expensive Gift Idea in the Guide, and for good reason too – its a PC. You can pick this PC up for as low as $549, up to $1,193.83 (depending on the color and availability) right now from Amazon, and while it’s quite expensive, its a great little portable package, even if it isn’t the fastest machine we’ve ever come across. To purchase, click here.

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